september 2000


Nearly 7 years had passed since my introduction to Juliana back in December 93. During that period she had released a number of brilliant albums, but actual live performances on european ground had been limited to a single appearance at the 95 Reading Festival. And of course the frustration of not being able to experience a live concert with your favorite artist can't help growing through the years. In the year 2000 Juliana made her Beautiful Creature/Total System Failure double release and immediately started touring with that material. I happened to be in the San Francisco area for a conference at that time, and had I been able to stay on for just a few weeks longer I could have seen her play there.

Later on Juliana decided to add a second leg to the tour starting the last week of September on the east coast. The moment I saw the published dates I knew that my chance had arrived - 6 shows in 6 days, all within a few hundred miles from Boston. I don't think I could have scheduled it much better myself if I'd had the opportunity! Not only would it be quite easy to drive from gig to gig but it would also leave time over to experience quite a bit of the New England area. It was an immediate instinctive decision to go there, and from that moment I never looked back. If you go ahead and read the diary you might get an idea why I still find this to be one of my best choices ever!


Saturday 23rd - Copenhagen/Boston
Sunday 24th - Northampton
Monday 25th - Portland
Tuesday 26th - Maine
Wednesday 27th - Boston
Thursday 28th New Haven
Friday 29th - NYC
Saturday 30th Boston/Copenhagen
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