september 2000 - the diary

Saturday 30th


  No more Juliana shows for a while - in fact it's time to go home today. I drive back up to Boston where I have time to take a good long walk around town. Among other things I manage to catch a glimpse of another significant Juliana place - Berklee College of Music. Well actually I should just name it a very significant place for music as such, just take a look at this amazing list of musicians that came out of there.


After a nice visit to the Aquarium I also spend some time simply sitting in the parks slowly digesting what has been a most fantastic week. Almost everything about this trip has superseded my expectations, witnessing a series of brilliant Juliana performances that culminated with 2 of the best last night, and at the same time visiting some outstanding places during the day. Even more perfect is the fact that right now it feels like the perfect time to go home. Sure I would gladly have followed the tour for another week if it had been possible but I don't really need to.

And hey - there really isn't much to tell about the flight home, so why not end the story right here on a bench by the lake in Boston Public Garden enjoying a sunny September afternoon.


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