september 2000 - the diary

Tuesday 26th

So this is my day off - no Juliana show this evening. A friend of mine has alerted me that Wiscasset, which happen to be the town where Juliana was born, is located just a short drive up the Maine coastline, and since he has described it as a really idyllic place I start the day by paying it a short visit. And a pretty little town it is - I have a feeling that traveling further north would reveal a lot of nice places like this, but no time for this now, I need to head south again.

Before reaching Boston I visit Gloucester hoping to catch a whale watch trip from there. Not much luck with that though - this was the single day where the weather was less than perfect, in fact it has become rather windy and a bit of rain is starting to fall, and it turns out that conditions at sea are far too bad to allow any of the whale watch boats to go out.
This gives me plenty of time for a nice walk around the old fisherman's town, that has since then been made famous by "The Perfect Storm" which dramatizes a real story that originally took place right here.


On a short drive north of Gloucester I am a bit put off by the fact that, although there's obviously a really beautiful coastline out there, it's so inaccessible since nearly every inch of it seems to be private property. It's a big contrast to what you experience when driving up and down Highway 1 on the west coast, where everything is much more accessible.  

Later in the afternoon I find my way back to Newbury Street (the right one!) and my faithful Motel 6 north of Boston. I make it an early night, since I feel that I might need to gather some energy for the following days of non stop action.


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