september 2000 - the diary

Saturday 23rd

I've left it to Icelandair to bring me from Copenhagen to Boston and not too surprisingly this means that we'll be making a short stop on a small island SE of Greenland. My window seat gives me a great look at the fascinating Icelandic landscape as we approach Keflavik airport - I make a mental note that some day I need to make a real visit here.

Arriving in Boston I'm taught a little lesson about what to do (and not to do) when planning your travel via the internet. After picking up my rental car I immediately start the search for my motel, using the printouts of some MapQuest maps. It's a Motel 6 and when I booked it I was really amazed that I could find a location that seemed to be only a few blocks away from the site of Juliana's Boston show at the Roxy. It's located in Newbury St. and as I approach this area I soon get a feeling that something is wrong. The street itself is one way and very crowded on this saturday evening but worst of all it is definitely not a motel area, instead it's filled up with small shops and cafe's - well those of you with local knowledge will know how out of place a Motel 6 would look in an inner city street like this.

Not really the best of starts - after more than 10 hours of travel i find myself lost in the middle of Boston! Well at least I seem to be on the right continent, and after a while I manage to find a gas station where I can buy some maps, and most importantly get to a payphone so that I can call the motel for directions. It turns out to be located just north of Boston and armed with this new info it takes me less than an hour to find it. Falling asleep is NOT a major problem!


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