november 2013

Tuesday 19th

Travelling outside the peak season has it’s advantages - my flight from London to JFK was less than half filled and I had a whole row of seats to myself. Landed very much according to plan and then it was just a question of getting a cab ride to the hotel. Sounds straight forward but then again we are talking about the NYC cab scene here. First of all managing to avoid all the super aggressive non licensed drivers - “sorry guys I’m taking one of the yellow ones” is just not accepted as an answer. Then after getting a legitimate licensed ride an interesting situation occurred - the driver told me that unfortunately he had to drive past his office and deliver some forms - otherwise he wouldn’t be able to accept my payment. And then we got off on a Brooklyn detour - must admit that I was getting a bit skeptical, would we end up in a back alley with a gun aiming at my head? But no we didn’t - the papers he had to deliver were titled Police Accident Form btw :)


And granted after doing more than 12 hours of travelling going to a concert that starts at what would be 3AM local time in Denmark can sound a bit challenging but really no problem when as in this case it was a concert that I was really excited about. Certainly falling asleep was never an issue during a terrific - at times very high energy and at other times very emotional - Metric show at the Bowery. Was so good that I worried a bit whether next days Minor Alps show could live up to this.






Bowery Ballroom, New York City NY

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