copenhagen - november 2006

Friday 10th

Can't deny being in a special mood about this show at Loppen. This was after all the exact place where I experienced my first Juliana show nearly 13 years ago. Ever since the cancellation of her 95 european tour I'd pretty much given up on ever seeing her on that stage again - or even anywhere in my neighborhood. Being able to drag along a friend and my sister to this my Juliana show number 20 is also kind of unique.

The tickets says ED HARCOURT & JULIANA HATFIELD and rumors has it that Juliana might be the opener here. Unfortunately the rumors turns out to be true - first act on stage is in fact Juliana.

I don't know how much this role affects her but I must say that she certainly appears to be in a different mood today. Usually she really seems to enjoy being on stage and in fact often looks more at ease on than off it. Not tonight though! Throughout the set, which lasted for just an hour, she seems kind of strained - gone is all the surplus energy and the appearance of being in control of things.

After asking the audience how we are someone asks the same question back and Juliana is quick to answer "I don't know how I am" and that is easy to believe. While it's a pretty common thing that she will give up on a couple of songs during a solo show and spend quite some time messing about with the capo and work on tuning this really goes to the extreme tonight - she's also looking at her watch all the time and I kind of start to believe that she is eagerly awaiting her allotted time to run out!

Now that being said she still manages to play quite a few good songs - once again the new one with the Am I Ever On Your Mind chorus is a great listen. It is also somewhat a relief to hear her end the 2 song encore with a perfect version of Necessito, a song that's really surprised me by being so well suited to a solo performance.

And it's not she was all quiet either here's a few quotes from the evening:

"This is what I'm trying to read of off"

Holding up the 2 pieces of paper with unreadable scribbles that made up the set list

"I have 2 shows left and I need to get rid of my CD's cause they're too heavy to carry on the plane"

Kind of a sales pitch for the Made In China copies she'd brought over

"It's nice to be back in Christiania - Christiania"

It's so true that great musicians are often very good with language - the second time around she gets the Danish pronunciation absolutely spot on!

Where's my guitar tech?

During one of the many breaks consisting of guitar tuning and stuff - ended up concluding that this fictitious person was "so fired"!

"You're a great audience it's just that you're very ---- je ne sais pas"

I'd have to agree - especially for the group of people that had just gotten seated in the table section of the club and didn't even seem to notice that a show was going on - they were definitely very "I don't know".


Set list:

  • Hotels
  • Baby Gets High
  • My Sister
  • Sunshine
  • Somebody Is Waiting For Me
  • Oh
  • I Got No Idols
  • Because We Love You
  • Am I Ever On Your Mind
  • Choose Drugs
  • Rats In The Attic
  • Fleur De Lys
  • Slow Motion
  • Waiting For Heaven
  • Ugly
  • Necessito


So yeah - if this had been the only show of the tour for me I'd definitely be disappointed but hey - it wasn't!

Mood of the evening: Weird.



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