•Date• Country City Venue Set list Comments
1987-04-17 USA Cambridge MA Harvard's Adams House (dining hall) Blake Babies
1989-10-31 USA Boston MA ? Dead and Gone, Tom and Bob, From He... Blake Babies
1990-04-17 USA New York City NY Woody's I am a Rock, Lament, Downtime, You ... Blake Babies
1990-05-10 USA Madison WI ? Look Away, You Don't Give Up, Star,... Blake Babies
1990-11-04 USA Richmond VA Flood Zone Lament, Look Away, You Don't Give ... Blake Babies
1990-11-23 USA Chicago IL Metro All I Need, Lament, I'll Take Anyth... Blake Babies
1990-11-27 USA Bloomington IN Second Story All I Need, Look Away, I'm Not Your... Blake Babies
1991-01-08 USA San Jose CA SJSU I'm not your Mother, Star, Don't Su... Blake Babies
1991-01-31 USA Houston TX The Axiom Blake Babies with Buffalo Tom
1991-02-08 USA Sacramento CA The Cattle Club Cesspool, Star, Out There, Rain, De... Blake Babies
1991-02-11 USA Berkeley CA ? ? Blake Babies
1991-02-26 USA Minneapolis MN First Avenue Look Away, Star, Cesspool, I'll Tak... Blake Babies
1991-03-04 USA Iowa City IA Gabe's Oasis ? Blake Babies
1991-03-05 USA Bloomington IN The Bluebird Out There, All I Need, Sanctify, Lo... Blake Babies
1991-03-15 USA Boston MA The Channel Look Away, All I Need, Star, I'll T... Blake Babies
1991-03-16 USA New York City NY CBGB's All I Need, Look Away, Star, Rain, ... Blake Babies - Evan joined in Rain
1991-03-17 USA Albany NY Bogie's David Kirschenbaum: This was the f...
1991-07-25 USA Washington DC 9:30 Club Allright, Downtime, Take Me, Tempta... Blake Babies
1991-07-30 USA Hoboken NJ Maxwell's Take Me, I'm Not Your Mother, Cessp... Blake Babies
1991-09-11 USA Columbus OH Stache's Cesspool, Take Me, Out There, I'm N... Blake Babies
1991-09-12 USA Bloomington IN Second Story Out There, Take Me, Downtime, Cessp... Blake Babies
1992-03-10 Germany Berlin The Loft Cesspool, Take Me, Shame About Ray,... Blake Babies
1992-03-26 England Bradford Bradford University Blake Babies
1992-03-27 England ? International II Blake Babies
1992-03-30 England Leeds Duchess of York Blake Babies
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