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Even though the official quiz has now expired and a winner have been found you still have a chance to test your own level of geekiness - use the link at the bottom of this page to see all the answers.


1  The Anagram

Juliana likes to play with words. In this song she comes up with a cute little trick in the second chorus. It's an exact repetition of the first chorus, except for a single word which she changes into an anagram of what she sang the first time. What song am I thinking about?

2  Pictures, Pictures and Pictures

It's no surprise that a typical Juliana CD contains one or more photos of herself. And some contain more than others. My question here is quite simple - which official CD has the most?

3  Astronomy

I've never heard anything about Juliana having bad feelings about the planets in our solar system. It does seem pretty strange though, that whenever she comes across the name of this particular planet she tends to cover it up! What on earth (or rather not on earth) am I talking about?

4  Those Golden Stars

So Juliana went ahead and made her own CD cover design for the compilation, and sure she did a pretty good job. I'd have to give her a pretty low score for originality though, since the other day I happened to come upon no less than 2 other CD's from my collection, with covers that feature a lot of golden stars on a blueish background. I'll show you a close up of a single star from each of them, and you'll just have to identify the corresponding CD's by naming the artist and album title. I'll hand out a full point for each one that you get right:

5  The Line that Disappeared

Listen to the last verse of this classic Juliana song and you may realize that the last line has just disappeared, as if she simply ran out of lyrics. I'm pretty sure that it's done on purpose since it really amplifies a very emotional statement in the previous line. But what song would that be? No wait let's make it a bit harder - she wrote this song in a hotel so why don't you give me the name of the hotel and the city:

6  Spell Check

I guess most of you will have seen it somewhere before - the dreaded double n misspelling of Juliana. Unfortunately it has also made its way onto a few record covers. In fact on this particular CD, counting both the insert, the cover and the CD itself you can find the double n occurring no less than 4 times. For some reason there's also one appearance of the correct spelling. Do you happen to know the title of this CD?

7  Ancient Language

Juliana has written a song that refers to an item that was handed down to her from one of her brothers. The name of this item actually originates from the latin language, and all I'm asking for is an english translation of this word?

8  Cover Up

Normally when Juliana plays cover versions she's pretty careful about singing the exact same lyrics as the original. However whenever she sings this particular song there's a distinct difference from the original, and to give you a hint I can say that the numbers 3,4,7 and 8 are involved. What cover song would that be?

9 A Single Instrument.

I'm listening to this track which features Juliana as the only musician. Singing and playing an instrument. Nothing too exotic about this you might say, but hey - wait a minute - the instrument is not a guitar. It's an official recording, and the song is.....?

10 Interesting Sticker.

In general I find CD stickers annoying, but this particular one really did what it was supposed to do - it caught my eye, and I simply had to buy the CD. It looks something like this:

Both #1 and #2 are among my absolute favorites, so I think I'd just like you to name artist #1.

11 Hidden Tribute.

I've always been fascinated by the fact that Juliana seems to spend a lot of time listening to other artists, and still manages to write songs that are very much her own. If you study the lyrics to Only Everything closely you'll see that they contain a slightly disguised reference to one of her favorites at the time. And I'm not talking about Dinosaur Jr. that probably inspired her to choose the album title itself. So what band am I talking about?

(Actually this question turned out to be impossible to get right, since the song I'm referring to doesn't actually reside on Only Everything. It might help if I tell you that this song was recorded at the same time as OE, but only released as a b-side.)

12 Coincidence?

When listening to the original version of another song that Juliana has covered on numerous occasions my eyes catch a strange coincidence while scanning the track list. The name of the following song sounds very familiar since Juliana has used exactly the same title for one of her absolute masterpieces? I guess this should be enough info for you to identify the artist?

13  Soundtrack

I'm watching a movie. This scene takes place in a car outside a Bowling Alley and music is playing in the background. A girl is singing and yes of course - the voice belongs to Juliana. But what's the name of the movie?

14  Alternababe!?

I'm now looking at a published piece of handwriting, in which someone has managed to describe Juliana as "the alternababe"! Who wrote that?


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