june 2003 - San Francisco

Friday 27th

An amazing strike of luck - what else could I call it? More than 5000 miles away from home after a week of attending the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in Moscone West I can look forward to a great week travelling northern California and southern Oregon. But hey look at the concert calendar for this Friday evening - Evan Dando is playing at the Bottom of the Hill! To make it even more exciting he's chosen to bring a certain miss Hatfield to play the bass!

The club is less than 10 blocks from my hotel on 7th st. - I take a cab down there and in the queue outside I join fellow Juliana fans Mark and Leeanne. Soon we're inside in what seems to be a very nice place - just the right size for a show like this. No less than 2 openers and I'm not going to waste much space on them here - not too bad but not that exciting either.


Things change a lot when Evan and band finally enters the stage and jump starts the show with Great Big No. They play nearly all the songs from Baby I'm Bored and this new material blends in perfectly with all the old Lemonhead classics from many years ago. Evan really has a talent of being able to write these basically pretty simple songs that sound good the first time you hear them and for some reason they just keep growing on you even though initially you'd expect to get bored with them after the 5th listen.

Being backed by a great band like this doesn't hurt at all! They're all really solid and it's evident that Juliana is no newcomer to playing bass quitar. Of course the icing on the cake this evening is that she can deliver her beautiful backing vocals on a number of the old songs - Buddy is definitely a highlight in that respect.

Near the end the band leaves the stage and Evan carries on with a handfull of acoustic songs. Finally the band rejoins for the last song of the evening which is Rudderless. Simply amazing!



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