july 2001 - the diary

Sunday 22nd

Time to go home, but first I'm off to Gloucester for the whale watch. Temperatures are still very high, so I really look forward to get out on the ocean for 3-4 hours. This is my second whale watch ever - on the first one which was last year we only saw a single Minke whale, but since it was my first whale sighting ever I found it most impressive. This time however there is humpbacks all over the place. For a while we have one close to each side of the ship, the one on the left giving an exhibition in flipper splashing while the right one tries it's best to set a new humpback high jump record - at one time doing this less than 20 feet from the ship! A most awesome way to end this trip.


In the evening, at the Logan airport waiting for my plane I can't let go of the feeling that there is something I have forgotten to do today - like maybe go and watch a Blake Babies show! "I think I'm addicted!". 4 shows in 4 days sounds like a lot but I'm sure that I could easily double that dose without starting to feel bored in any way.


Going home on the plane I have a chance to sum up all the experiences of this trip. For sure I am not disappointed in any way. Many things have been pretty much what I have expected, but the last 2 shows were far above what I had hoped for. Maybe I should be sad that this may have been the end of the Blake Babies, and yes in some ways I have to be. All in all though I can't help feeling that after this little sidestep Juliana can go on working on her solo stuff, maybe even with new found inspiration from going through the "member of a band thing" again. Getting to see the Blake Babies on stage was a great experience, but seeing Juliana's solo shows last year was pure magic for me. And I'm only human - I want all the magic that I can get!


Still I really want to end with a big thank you to all the band members for making this experience possible. And if you haven't already seen John's excellent tour diary on www.blakebabies.com you should go there right away - he's put down an amazing effort to give us an inside look at the full Blake Babies reunion tour.


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